Who We Are

Restoration Church of Christ claims no creed but Christ, no law but Love, no book but the Bible, and no name but the Divine. What does that mean? Your voice, your perspective, your culture, your identity, matters; it is to be embraced and celebrated. We are not a church community because we are all the same, but because God has called us to love one another. Diversity is our strength and our joy, it is the harmony of voices God has given us to raise in unity.

Christ himself did away with any notion of exclusivity in the church, and Paul affirmed as much. As such, we stand up for the marginalized and maligned, and support those who have been harmed by toxic religion. We denounce systems of dominance and exclusion including authoritarianism, ableism, racism, patriarchy, and heteronormativity. In this way, we declare that the Kingdom of God is here!

Restoration Church of Christ is a nondenominational congregation and is a place for questions. Everyone is welcome and no one is judged. We gather to praise God, to study the Word together, to encourage one another's spiritual growth, and to fellowship, play games, have fun, and as Jesus said, "live life abundantly."

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Where and When We Meet

We will be meeting again shortly, when we find a new location. Check our YouTube channel for Bible studies in the meantime.

Wednesday Bible Study 5-6pm

Check the calendar for more meetings and events.

Sunday Evening Worship

Wednesday Bible Study