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Online Bible

NIV Intro to the Bible

Read or Listen to the Bible: BibleGatewayHaKtuvimYouVersion NET Bible

Interlinear Hebrew & Greek Bible (BibleHub)

Bible in Greek: Septuagint LXX (OT) Nestle-Aland 28 (NT)

Bible in Hebrew: Biblical Hebrew TaNaKh Modern Hebrew New Testament

Printed Bibles


Jewish Annotated series... Tanakh, New Testament, Apocrypha

NIV Student BibleNIV Study BibleCultural Backgrounds Study Bible

The Story (Bible written as a single story)

Teen Study Bibles: Authentic Youth Bible NIV Student Bible

Bible for Kids: The Children's Illustrated Bible NIV Adventure Bible

Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, and other Ancient and Sacred Texts

These are non-biblical texts, and are not generally considered scripture by Christians.
Their value is primarily academic in nature.

Dead Sea Scrolls Sacred Text Archive Sefaria (Jewish Sacred Texts)

ApocryphaPseudepigrapha (2 volumes) • 'Gnostic' Texts Mishna Quran

LGBTQIA+ Health and Counseling Services

We are a church and so cannot provide medical or mental health counseling.
If you're looking for these services, we are aware of the following businesses in the Modesto area that serve the LGBTQIA+ community. Please contact us if these need to be updated.

Planned Parenthood Modesto

LGBTQ Therapists in Modesto (Psychology Today)

Rainbow Resource Center (formerly LGBTQIA+/2S Collaborative)