Biblical Education

LGBTQIA+ Theology

LGBT Scriptures Collected bible studies by Amos Hairston (Listen to his sermons here)

What Does the Bible Say... Article by the HRC Foundation

Queer Theology

Books on LGBTQIA+ Theology

Learning the Biblical Languages

BibleHub Interlinear Hebrew & Greek Bible

Bible in Greek

Septuagint LXX (Old Testament)

Nestle-Aland 28 (New Testament)

Bible in Hebrew

Biblical Hebrew TaNaKh (Old Testament)

Modern Hebrew New Testament

Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, and other Ancient and Sacred Texts

These are non-biblical texts, and are not generally considered scripture by Christians.
Their value is primarily academic in nature.

Sefaria (Jewish Sacred Texts)

Dead Sea Scrolls

Sacred Text Archive